Macrowave Radio Frequency Co.

Macrowave™ Non Contact Web Drying Systems
for Water-Based Coatings, Adhesives and Inks


  • Requires a fraction of the floor space of conventional dryers

  • Aqueous materials can be dried in the shortest line length relative to web speed of any drying method known.

  • Wet areas on the web are selectively heated and dried, while dry areas absorb little or no energy
  • Energy saving. The electrical power consumed by the dryer automatically adjusts to the amount of water present on the web.

  • Instant-on R.F. Power eliminates start-up delays.

  • Highest productivity is achieved with aqueous materials. Solvent emission and disposal problems are eliminated.

Non Contact Dryer


In the processes of non-heat-set printing, coating, laminating and converting, Macrowave™ drying is ideal for full coverage or pattern coating of water-based remoistenable and pressure sensitive glues, gloss over-print varnished, carbonless coating, adhesive coatings and water based coatings on paper and film webs.


  • Convenient access doors facilitate web threading.

  • Waste heat from the RF generator is channeled through the applicator to scavenge moisture released by Macrowave™ drying.
  • Optional auto-threading system is available to minimize make-ready time.

  • The Macrowave™ dryer is designed to comply with OSHA standards and FCC regulations.

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