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OmniTherm™ Process Heating Simulator

RFC has Designed and Built the Industry's Most Advanced Automated RF Heating System
for Determining the Feasibility of Proofing and Post-Baking Drying Applications

The OmniTherm Simulator at work
The Macrowave™ OmniTherm™ Simulator

For evaluating new applications, RFC has a state-of-the-art hybrid RF/convection heating system in its testing laboratory. The OmniTherm™ Simulator was recently developed by RFC for conducting product trials to define the necessary parameters to heat or dry materials under production conditions. It is a fully instrumented system which can apply both RF and convection heating under a wide variety of conditions. Through the use of this advanced hybrid RF heating system scale-up requirements can be accurately determined to meet the production goals desired.

The Macrowave OmniTherm™ Simulator is a fully instrumented conveyorized heater-dryer which can apply RF and convection heat to doughs, cookies, crackers, etc. under a wide variety of conditions. This system permits RFC to design Macrowave™ production systems based on tests which simulate the passage of material through a full-scale production system. It has exceptional versatility and can be configured to simulate virtually any production processing system which can utilize RF heating or drying.

  • For each test, the appropriate electrode array, either a flat plate applicator or staggered through-field applicator can be quickly installed.
  • Its conveying system utilizes a flat belt for processing discrete products or a troughed belt for bulk materials. Conveyor belts of various materials and constructions are available so the type best suited to the application is utilized.
  • A sequence of different power levels, heating durations and relaxation times to simulate the passage of material through a multizone system can be initiated by the touch screen panel of its programmable logic controller.
  • Other programmable features include air temperature and direction of air flow and RF pulsing for each of the simulated heating zones.

A PLC touch screen provides readouts of air temperature, belt speed, and RF power level. A strip chart recorder with six configurable inputs enable real time recording of process and material statuses.

The OmniTherm™ Simulator tests provide the accurate scale-up data to determine the configuration of the Macrowave™ system that will be technically and economically best suited to meet full-scale production and quality goals.

Literature and price quotations are available upon request.

The Macrowave OmniTherm™ Simulator is available for your feasibility studies and product development trials.

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