Macrowave Radio Frequency Co.

Radio Frequency Preheater for Sheet Molding Compound

RF preheating maximizes molded part strength, reduces press cure time
by fifty percent and optimizes surface finish.

Benefits of Macrowave™ Preheating
  • RAPID AND UNIFORM HEATING: Heating occurs instantly and uniformly throughout the entire thickness of the SMC load. No temperature differential is required to force heat by conduction from the surface to the center.
  • UNIFORM DISTRIBUTION OF REINFORCEMENT FIBERS: The uniform temperature of preheated charges facilitates the movement and distribution of fibers throughout the molded parts, improving their strength and surface finish.
  • REDUCED PRESS CURE TIME: Preheating will reduce the press cure time by 50%.
Advanced Features of the L-200 Series Macrowave™ Preheater
  • IThe L-200 preheats SMC loads of up to 30 inches (762mm) wide by 84 inches (2,134mm) long in less than 60 seconds.
  • To optimize efficiency, two loading options are available. The conveyor can feed the SMC charge straight through or return the charge to the feed end after heating.
  • A PLC, interfaced to the molding press, controls the heat cycle time, power level and conveyor movement.
  • Macrowave™ preheaters conform to OSHA and FCC standards.

Macrowave L-200 Series Preheater for Sheet Molding Compound
Macrowave™ L-200 Series Preheater for Sheet Molding Compound

Process Development assistance is available at RFC's laboratory testing facility, which is equipped with the Macrowave™ OmniTherm™ Simulator.

Founded in 1946, Radio Frequency Company specializes in developing and manufacturing high frequency heating systems to improve efficiency in many industrial applications. RFC is a technological leader in the development of R.F. heat processing systems and is known for the highest standards of quality in equipment and service.

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