Macrowave Radio Frequency Co.

8000 Series High Frequency Macrowave™ Dryer for Ceramic Extrusions

The Macrowave™ 8000 Series Drying Systems Uniformly Dry Ceramic Ware in Minutes
without Discoloration or Surface Cracking


  • PRODUCTS ARE DRIED QUICKLY: The RF heating method takes minutes, not hours, to thoroughly dry extruded materials.

  • REDUCES SURFACE CRACKING: Surface cracks caused by the stresses of uneven product shrinkage during the drying process are eliminated.
  • PRECISE MOISTURE CONTROL: Selectively heats where the moisture content is the highest producing a uniformly dry product throughout.

  • SMALL FOOTPRINT: Each 150 kW module removes 300 lbs. (136kg) of water per hour in a line length of only 24 feet (7.3 meters).
  • ENERGY SAVINGS: Macrowave Tm RF drying saves energy over conventional drying systems.

Model 8150 150kW Ceramics Drying System
Model 8150 150kW Ceramics Drying System


  • The low operating voltage of the 40 MHz Macrowave system increases the variety of products which can be dried by this method.
  • A counter-flow stream of moist air retards premature surface drying of product.
  • Self-regulating power dries one part or a continuous stream of parts without operator intervention.
  • Product size changeovers require only a few minutes to select new control panel settings.
  • PLC controls suitable for local and remote operation include a fault condition indicator system.
  • Meets OSHA and FCC standards.

Process Development assistance is available at RFC's laboratory testing facility, which is equipped with the Macrowave™ OmniTherm™ Simulator.

Founded in 1946, Radio Frequency Company specializes in developing and manufacturing high frequency heating systems to improve efficiency in many industrial applications. RFC is a technological leader in the development of R.F. heat processing systems and is known for the highest standards of quality in equipment and service.

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