Macrowave Radio Frequency Co.

Model 4500 Advanced Bookbinder Dryer

In-Line Radio Frequency Drying System for Sewn and Perfect-Bound Books Using Water-based Adhesives


  • Use water-based glue at high production speeds.

  • Bind continuously in-line without handling and stacking before trimming.

  • Binder-to-trimmer time is reduced. Eliminates trimmer blade fouling.

  • Glued area of the book is selectively heated and dried, while dry areas receive little or no heating. Minimum cooling is required.
  • Glue charring, blistering and skinning-over is eliminated.

  • Requires a fraction of the floor space of conventional dryers.

  • Efficient use of energy. RF power is instant-on-off.

  • Improved book quality, flexibility and recyclability.

Macrowave Model 4500 Advanced Bookbinder Dryer
Macrowave™ Model 4500 Advanced Bookbinder Dryer


  • Compact one-piece design saves floor space.
  • Four-zone drying applicator for precise control of glue temperature.
  • High performance electrode arrays resist belt abrasion.
  • Fast and easy belt replacement.
  • Automatic mechanical belt tracking.
  • Adjustable for books .5" (13mm) to 3.15" (80mm) thick.
  • Opposite-hand dryer configuration is available for dual installations handled by one operator.
  • Does not radiate heat or affect the working environment.
  • Macrowave™ dryers comply with OSHA safety standards and FCC regulations.

Custom-design automated glue drying systems are also available for new and existing installations.

Founded in 1946, Radio Frequency Company specializes in developing and manufacturing high frequency heating systems to improve efficiency in many industrial applications. RFC is a technological leader in the development of R.F. heat processing systems and is known for the highest standards of quality in equipment and service.

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