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Macrowave™ RF Filter Press Cake Drying System

This drying system uniformly heats filter cake material throughout the thickness of the product depth and rapidly removes the water without overheating, at a fraction of the time and expense associated with conventional dryers.

Filter Press Cake Drying System


  • PRECISE MOISTURE CONTROL: Selectively heats products where the moisture content is the highest. The product output will be uniform in moisture content throughout, regardless of the non-uniformity going in.

  • INCREASES PRODUCTION THROUGHPUT: Product throughput on many applications can be increased 50% to 100%.

  • MINIMIZE DRYING TIMES: Rapid volumetric heating eliminates the long dwell time required by conventional heating and is a suitable replacement for tumble-, spray-, tray-, spin flash-, and belt/tunnel dryers.

  • OTHER BENEFITS: Energy savings and floor space savings. Typically requires one-fifth the floor space of conventional drying systems.


  • energy applied by radio waves at a frequency of 40.68 MHz

  • volumetric heating keeps the temperature low and uniform throughout the filter cake to prevent overheating

  • This conveyorized dryer can be loaded at bed depths up to 6", depending upon the type of material.

This Macrowave™ RF Drying System is priced according to size and configuration. Process Development assistance is available at RFC's laboratory testing facility, which is equipped with the Macrowave™ OmniTherm™ Simulator with as little as 10 lbs. product sample.

Founded in 1946, Radio Frequency Company specializes in developing and manufacturing high frequency heating systems to improve efficiency in many industrial applications. RFC is a technological leader in the development of R.F. heat processing systems and is known for the highest standards of quality in equipment and service.

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